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Final Video for the theatre play: Have I None.

December 1st, 2009

The children and the wall.

To make a video for a theatre play it is a complicated thing. First the piece has to be attractive by itself, but also it doesn’t have to caught so much attention from the audience or otherwise you could fuck up the whole piece…
It has to be “silent” in somehow… discrete?

Carlos wanted the music by pink Floyd to talk about alienation, thoughts control and totalitarian democratic societies where the individual being controls himself more effectively than the state machine.

We thought of children… then, two of my favorites movies came to my mind: Les quatre cents coups by François Truffaut and Ivan’s Childhood by Tarkovski. I have made a collage with both of them

Both films: Two dreams of freedom.

Video for Have I None, theatre play. Final Scene from cecimolano on Vimeo.

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