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Cartel de la Feria del Libro Teatral.

April 23rd, 2012

Cartel para la Feria del libro teatral que el CDN organiza hoy, día 23 de abril, en el teatro Valle-Inclán en la plaza de Lavapiés: editoriales y librerías teatrales celebrando juntos el teatro y los libros.


Das Fest. 18″ Video Resume.

April 11th, 2012

What do we celebrate? The celebration of a celebration. Mechanics of “Das Fest”. We look for a contemporary way of celebration, merging different types. Try to find for a „true essence of celebration“, or the grammar of celebration in order to arrive to something more „naked“. Celebration is then a metaphor to a theater play, fragility: people exposed but spoiled.

Success, competition, social groups and social roles. The idea of being exposed, humiliated and watched. „Winners´s speech“, family, masks, seduction and manipulation, obedience, dana, gift, rituals, ghosts, the absence of loved beings, celebration, ridicule in order to break that feeling. That’s what celebration is about.