Mex: A place in NYC

January 4th, 2012

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The Mex is a building in the heart of Brooklyn where live together writers, artists, bakers, sculptors, programmers, dancers, small entrepreneurs with projects ranging from ecology ratings to city gardens, craft looms, furniture design, TV Broadcast or robotics. It is a place of exchange and growth of ideas. A mirror of what a city can offer when generates collaborative structures. I came to the Mex and met Al Attara through Beatriz Ortiz, an artist who works in the building.

The structure of the film alternates episodes of city life and the life of the building into small fragments that have to do with the atmosphere and time, with the portraits of four of its inhabitants:
Mariliana Arvelo, a flamenco dancer and photographer from Venezuela.
GoodNewsTV, a television project that has its plateau at Mex, and whose members are dedicated to broadcast good news.
Dan Palouska and his project: Mobile Brooklyn, a photobooth on the internet to send messages from the street.
And finally, Arthur and Alex Grillet: Scrybe, a company dedicated to evaluates ethical and ecological behavior of others companies.

The documentary aims to be an approach to the building and its spirit through these portraits.

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