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Working in progress: Silvia Poems

September 25th, 2011





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Banana video

September 22nd, 2011

Vídeo for “La Cena” with Katrin Memmer

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Video “La Cena”.

September 10th, 2011

Small video resume of the performance with Katrin Memmer.

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La Cena

September 1st, 2011

Why to make a dinner?

To make a dinner has to be with the possibility of meeting the other. A dinner is a reunion and eating is all about transforming and letting things go inside you. Limits. Just as love does. Love to prepare things.




Time to think about something else: moving around, hands occupied… give. Just offer is also something I like. Offering is the supreme act of freedom.

Food and sex, to expose yourself, to share something extremely intimate with the other… food is always about desire and need. And that precise moment of the fragility of the bodies, when they open to the outside.


Sunday night. There is people blindfolded around the table, they expect, just as we all do. Maybe before: start the dinner watching videos… define a place to rest? Katrin is waiting outside… it is much more colder than we expected… later the night will be contained in a shivering. -Madam, would you like an aperitif? -Dog please! Bring the tray! Dear guest, I kindly request you to accomplish a task… later you will meet the animator of a hotel or that girl on top of the table… beautifully dressed… do you want to eat from me? I will give you my hardest part.



To warm someone’s body with your breath, to touch someone without hands, try to do something you will never do, to fulfill expectation, to be seated besides someone you don’t like, to talk, smell, eat, enjoy, listen, dance on top of the table or dare to sing in front of the people… from where does the food actually coming inside?






A beautiful evening was the result of a performance made with Katrin Memmer. Thanks to Magdalena, the key person on the dinner, the cooker and the artist, the careful soul; Thanks to Nano Dog for the love, the infinite support and awesome acting; Thanks to Alfons as always for the word and the voice; thanks to Jaume, Mao and Olga for the infrastructure; Thanks to Marta for filming with patience and braveness and thanks to all of you who came, for sharing your memories, your time and your presence with us.

But overall thanks to you Katrin, for this beautiful month, for the chance to believe, for the thoughts and the work, for the honesty and the uncertainty.