Graphics for Confessional Room. Work in Progress.

September 9th, 2010

Confessional Room is a new project by Volando Vengo that focus on women sexuality and their myths and secrets.
Through a website everyone will be able to share experiences, desires and different knowledge about sex and its periphery.
I am now working on the graphics, and those are some pics of the development and searching of the logo.


Proposal “lips”, playing arround with the idea of trace and mouth as comunication.


Proposal “Do not disturb”, Confessional Room as a place for intimacy and sex.


Proposal “tete à tete”, for you to feel confident to speak…


Proposal “the peephole”, for voyeur souls.


Proposal “the clerygman”, ready to go and confess.


Proposal “matriuskas”, because there are many woman inside one.


Proposal “Janus”, for “two-faced ladies”.


“Room” Proposal.


Proposal “Hear”.

And the winner is…


Playing arround with the idea of the comunication waves and broadcasting.

You can download the pdf to have a look to the process and the motivation of images in detail:
pdf1 | pdf2.

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