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Union Docs and Barbara Hammer

December 10th, 2009

I have known of Barbara Hammer thanks to Susan Hilvert who is an amazing filmmaker and a farmer altogether!

Barbara Hammer was last Sunday at the UnionDocs, so Susan and me went to see her. As they say in their website:

Still from one of Barbara´s films.

The place (based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is a non-profit organization, which mission is to present a broad range of innovative and thought-provoking non-fiction projects to the general public, while also cultivating specialized opportunities for learning, critical discourse, and creative collaboration for emerging media-makers, theorists, and curators.

The auditorium…

It is an amazing place, people is so warm and there are always interesting things going on. So.. It worth to go!

Barbara presents two of her latest works: A Horse Is Not a Metaphor and Vital Signs and alter there was a discusión with filmmaker Astra Taylor (Zizek!, Examined Life) whose Films I need to see by the way.

I like a lot that Barbara’s work is so free, going from a particular issue like death or illness to thought, in a very experimental way that sometimes remind me the last films by Goddard meeting “guerrilla videoart” and paradoxically, something strong and very powerful about fragility.
Beautiful mature female bodies that you almost have forgotten exist because in a way, we are not allowed to see them on the screen and as she was speaking about how we banish death from society, we are also not use anymore to see old age in media or the experience of someone ill.

I think here of Henry Michaux ‘Portrait des Meidosems’.
“Meidosem, à la tête habitée d’arborescences, regardant non par les yeux crevés, mais par le chagrin de leur perte et par la térébrante souffrance. Une arborescence infinie… sous la minceur transparente du visage exténué, exprime une vie percée, par dessus un autre qui se forme, qui se forme, malaisé, prudent, effilé et déjà repercé”.

Susan, the girl who was working with Barbara Hammer (so bad with names, sorry!) and me.

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