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Skyart under pines // Arte del Cielo bajo los pinos

September 19th, 2009

Beatrix wrote this poem while we were at the Jaon Miró workshop this summer.
We start to speak about poetry, we both love Celan and words… she was writting all the time at her little notebook and I end up to give to her one of my favourite books: Octava, un pescador con subtítulos de Mónica Valenciano.

She wrote this poem as an homage for Mónica, she can hardly read spanish so, she was translating and made up a new poem based on intuitions and feelings.. Beautiful..

Thank you Beatrix!

The poem:
Skyart under pines
( to: Monica Velenciano: el arte de la ciega)

We got 300 prints
under 5 pines.
In two weeks we waste
our work wonders.
But the speed
of falling sheets
doesn’t connect with
approaching to sky.
Unexpected interventions
of the “proxima parada”
congratulate us
and say “te quiero”.
We could leave the prisons
of editions and exhibitions
and stop bleeding badly
of somebodys judgement.
Carry on with
playing eyes and chess
fit in as student of shadow.
You could smell
your crooked truth.
And in one corner of the moon
print your unidentified letters
of art and sky.

El poema de Mónica Valenciano:

el arte de la ciega,
son 300 cartas
cuenta, desapariciones
al mismo tiempo
podría acercarme?
no hay principio
intervenciones inesperadas de un punto fl otante
la protagonista de una pausa
enhebrando zonas inéditas de
la expresión de un prisionero,
cortes de algún paraíso sangrando
a todo color
ella continúa…
en el ojo de su ajedrez
juega el aprendiz de sombra
a ondear su torcida varita
y en un ángulo de la luna
escribe a sus desconocidos
cartas de amor y

a Crismona

and a picture of Beatrix under the pines and wih a nice yellow-sunglasses-camera filter.