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Tanio and Estelo at SONNTAG, un día soleado

October 6th, 2010

On sunday two birds were speaking about hermeneutics at the hermeneutic place: Die SpukKommune


SONNTAG, un día soleado

I would love to unscrew my head, tie it up with a string and take it
for a walk..

Estelo lives in Berlin. Tanio lives in Madrid.

After three weeks of meetings and rehearsals between the Spukkommune and the Corky Space, Estelo and Tanio decide to open this early stage of their work in Berlin. A dialog about interpretation or hermeneutics, originally written for a university course, becomes the point of departure.

Estelo’s and Tanio’s common background includes working with El Bailadero in Madrid, and the work in collaboration Alicia en Grusia
project (2008).


This current work deals with movement, text (in Spanish), some music and a pair of bird-heads.

Inside: Estela Lloves Gómez, Tania Arias Winogradow.
Bird heads: Thomas Toutain

And I was there, making a video.

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