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June 2nd, 2010

We posses nothing in the world (…) except the power to say “I”. That is what we have to (…) destroy. There is absolutely no other free act wich is given us to accomplish, only the destruction of the “I”.
Simone Weill. Gravity and Grace.

This video is an approximation to the very idea of being. How to say -I am this or that-. Where that idea of “I” is coming from?

Desapariciones from cecimolano on Vimeo.

“Desapariciones” wants to be a symbol of the incapacity of being. What is what describes us? It is the other’s sight what built us?
And following Simone Weill: Is not that identity what has been given to us to be destroyed in order to be?
At the video piece a group of people is “erasing” themselves with their own hands over their bodies…

Gracias a todos los que lo habéis hecho posible.