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September 25th, 2009

Éste vídeo lo he recuperado buscando entre las cintas viejas, es un poema que formaba parte de I am not here la que baila es Loinaz.

Poem from cecimolano on Vimeo.

Drawing with drills
That withdraw the drops from the drawings.
To withdraw into with the man with the grey hat dramatically blue eyes with the hat.
Drawing with words that wither in long hours of conversation or speech
The speech is dying at the same time as me is dying,
But alone in these long hours ours.
Woman half woman but weaven woman it does make sense.
I am here but her, you are here but her I am finally with me means:
I am there, also
We are there, also
I am finally here, also
Alone, also.
Isolated, also
Move on.