DeTour to the theatre

September 25th, 2012


Next performance by Katrin Memmer and Cecilia Molano.
In DeTour to the theatre twelve people (“the guest”) will move around different “stations” through the island and a team of twelve other people (“the guides”) will meet them at or along this different stations, in which individual actions take place.

Detour to the theatre is a journey through different places in the city as well parts of the island, that will last for four hours and will end in a theatre, where all: hosts, guides and guests will take part in a “stage play”.

DeTour to the theatre explores -once again- different ways of audience participation, ideas on line making (drawing, stitching, walking…); mapping and tracing, traveling and storytelling, reality and fiction.

There are a few open stations that you can check in this link.


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