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September 1st, 2011

What do you see when I am on top of you? from Katrin Memmer.

There was an afternoon after another afternoon, working in a simple bed… quite dark but fresh…
Katrin was wondering… How to organized breath and thoughts? Those things that got the nature of the moment? How to communicate skin, touch, words, time..? How to organize images, feelings, memories? It was hot, thinking is a matter of latitude then…

Let us go with the movement of the sand… sand like gold… precious, rare… just like her work. Sensitive, free, fragile and brave. To play with.
Body, presence, the audience as a path… a way to… Theres is a thread.. and then another… a landscape made out of delicacy and attention, the option of the silence.. the ability of listening, that extreme elegance and depth, all contained in this blog. All embroided like in one of her stitching works, in harmony and constant war…

You can visit at Katrin’s blog.

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