Escrito a lápiz at Rara Avis at Die SpukKommune

October 6th, 2010

Last weekend there was an interesting meeting of small and independent publishing companies. There were also poets, videos and some amazing books. I kind of fall in there and Eduardo, from Produccions Escopeta made a nice little place for my books and I that I really appreciate.

Escrito a lápiz “stand”

Here, ome pics and some info about the project:


Eduardo and Cristian Forte performing their poems.

“Die SpukKommune proposes together with Rara Avis, a publication meeting with the aim of bringing writers and publishing projects out of the cultural industry into the public’s knowledge, through different activities such as presentations, workshops, readings, debates and fairs in order to raise subjects regarding the cultural self-funding, DIY, recycling, Creative Commons, Intellectual Fair Trade, on-line publishing, etc.(…)

Books I like.

It is obvious that the cultural industries are more and more influential in our society and this is partially due to both the globalization of the culture and its transformation into a consumer product intended for the world of entertainment, leisure and tourism.
During the last decades, the publishing mainstream as well as writers participated and followed the cultural directions. In spite of the permanent crisis observed in the publishing world emphasized by the boom of the new technologies in the opinion of the experts, the power of the great corporations has been reinforced through the widening of their market either within or outside of their national territories.

Tania listening very concentrate.

The publishing model has been reviewed through a multiplication of artists and writers groups producing and distributing on their own”.

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