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July 31st, 2010

I have been always afraid of zombies because zombies are the only creatures in between vampires, lycanthropes and so on… that forget to love and also forget their beloveds.
Scary isn’t it?!!!!
So it is weird I like a zombies game but I do!! I love the graphics and the plot:

«You are a thirteen years old girl; your name does not matter anymore. You are angry, you’ve lost everything. While other children dream with monsters, you saw them on your own room and you had to kill them Now, not any other person has what it supposes to have to go there and finish the job.
Of course you can use the firearm you took from the dead fingers of your father.»

That was Fernando Gullen’s introduction about the game he creates. If you want more info, you can listen the lighting talk he gave last year in Krakow here or just go and play:

Good luck and Kill ‘Em All ¡!

Lightening Talk from Krakow Tech Conferences on Vimeo.

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