The Kids Gallery

May 8th, 2010

A new project by Fernando Guillén a beautiful idea that tries to fill up a void in Internet: websites with children’s drawings: The Kid’s Art Gallery, you can check the website at:


Draw by Ada. 1 year old artist.

In the creator’s words: “The Kids Art Gallery is a virtual gallery of paintings and drawings of children from around all countries and continents. A gallery that respects and assesses the artistic power that have the most creative creatures on the world. It also wants to be a place for appreciation and motivation for the children creativity”.


Draw by Pau. 7 years old artist.

I like it! So… “If you have children, or any other young relative you will know that they produce a very big and uncontrollable amount of small pieces of art, the Kids Art Gallery can be a good way to keep them organized and to share them”.

…And also: if you still have those pieces that you draw when you were a child and that made you feel proud as the Van Gogh of your neighbourhood. Do not hesitate and send them! It is such a pleasure to see those beautiful drawings on line.


Draw by me when I was a 7 years old artist. It’s seems I have been doing the same since then, amazing the similarities with the videowork: Desapariciones.

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