Regarding the pain of Others | Susang Sontag.

October 22nd, 2009

I am reading this wonderful book and wondering why I haven’t started to read this woman before?
From Three Guineas by Virginia Woolf , passing through Los desastres de la Guerra de Goya to Sarajevo or Palestinian wars.

The cover… These days, I have no camera so, I took it from the internet…

Regarding the pain of others is a beautiful and very touching tour over the pain and the war, the photography and media in general… our regard as “educated, civilized people” to war.

From the book:
(… ) war is a man’s game, the killing machine has a gender, and it is male.

To the militant, identity is everything. (…)

Being a spectator of calamities taking place in another country is a quintessential modern experience, the cumulative offering by more than a century and half’s worth of those professional, specialized tourist, known as journalists.

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