Zizeck en New York City

October 15th, 2009

Well.. I am in New York, very happy because we arrive in a very nice house full of warm people: Bea and her constellations, Susana who is going to be the next Carlson-McCullers, Arturo and his beautiful still life paintings and Marcello and his nudes.

Happy! :)

The first day I arrived I end up in a conference by Zizeck ( no need to say I am a groupie!) in a very nice place called: Miguel Abreu Gallery.

The one at the end of the picture is Zizeck!

And here it is his portrait

As always, I found him ironic and critic, very funny and he makes me think. From his beloved enemy Alain Badiou to the critic of ideology, Sturbucks meeting obscenity and the notion of pastiche and… ¡viva Proust and Zizeck!

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