A new place to work

October 21st, 2009

I say: “Thank you” to Bea, who was the one to show us the place. I am very happy to be at the Mex (Metropolitan Exchange Bank) a place lead by Al, who is a hard worker and a uthopic man, which are two beautiful things to be together.

The outside of the building foto taken from suddenly.org.

The Mex is more than a building or a co-working space. It is an idea, that´s why I am happy to be here. Actually, at the 4th floor with Alex, Andrew, Mat, Arthur, two other girls I don´t remember the name and Ema.. and more people… but I have just arrived today and I don´t remember their names yet…

In futher posts I will link to their websites because there is a bit of everything: eco rating of business, cabinet maker, some video stuff arround… well I will find out.

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